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Update on communities post flooding

In the end of January the Cusco region suffered excessive rainfall, which led to the extreme flooding of the Urubamba river and much damage in the Sacred Valley. A State of Emergency was declared for 60 days.

Most publicized in the international media was the washing away of railway tracks that access the famous citadel of Machu Picchu and the subsequent stranding of thousands of tourists in Aguas Calientes.

While the situation has now normalized to some extent, the overall damage to infrastructure in the region is yet to be counted or fully understood. Approximately 10km of the Lima – Cusco road has been washed away and key bridges (Pisaq & Izcuchaca) have been seriously damaged.

The communities Threads of Peru works with are high altitude communities, so are not situated in the river valleys which suffered most of the damage. We have had two staff members visit communities in the last two weeks and they report that little damage has been suffered, apart from some small landslides.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and if required, offer emergency assistance.

At this stage we believe that there will be long term or flow on impacts, created by diversion of funds for emergency relief in hard-hit Urubamba. (ie Chaullacocha pertains to the Municipality of Urubamba).