Customer Reviews


Here is what our customers are saying about Threads of Peru and our Products!

Miles Hill, USA:

Thank you—please tell the artist(s) who made these pieces, your team, thank you; my new Threads of Peru will be cherished, well cared for, and passed on. Seriously blown away!


Rozlyn Cmiel, USA:

Love the blankets! So beautiful and warm! Just lovely.


Kathy Seibold, USA:

I think Threads of Peru is the absolute best NGO textile development agency, for the [the work you do] and because of your design skills and because you work with finer threads and better quality control and the two color palettes.


Gunnar Lundestam, Sweden:

The two ponchos arrived today. Fittingly on the coldest day in Sweden in ages.
Minus 43 F in the north of the country!!! Such wonderful and beautiful works of art. An honor to wear such masterpieces of the ancient tradition. Our warmest thanks to your whole team, and of course to the master weavers Daniel Sonqo, Francisca Huaman and Martina Puma. The extra purse gift is also highly appreciated.


Olivia Pristera, USA:

I received the change purses and they are beautiful! I am so excited to get them out there for more people to enjoy! Also, thanks so much for the kind note and in addition the small change purse, I will surely put it to good use :)

You and everyone at Threads of Peru have been absolutely wonderful, especially to such a small business owner like myself! I will hope to be in touch again in the future with more order requests...