Threads of Peru Blog

Welcome Caroline Duboc, Projects Support Volunteer at Threads of Peru

Since I was young, I'm very attracted to materials, especially textiles. Being a student in the field of applied arts for 5 years, I have specialized in textile design in the last two years, during that time I discovered a real passion for weaving and dyeing. After an enriching three-month internship experience in Spain in a manual production workshop at the end of 2018, my last school year, I discovered more closely the artisanal weaving and the natural dyeing.


Crafts are a real art, ancient, full of stories, know-how and therefore freedoms that fascinates me and that I want, more than anything, to help perpetuate. I discovered Threads of Peru on Instagram, and I immediately liked the philosophy and design of their products.

Peru is a country that has made me dream for a very long time, for its landscapes, its culture but also and mainly for its wools. I love the quality of the different wools. Threads of Peru brought together everything I loved most: the preservation of craftsmanship, weaving, natural dyeing, the quality of wool. That is why I chose to come and discover their work and help the association.

Written by Caroline Duboc