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Your Positive Impact on Weaving Communities and the World

Are you aware that every one of your purchase decisions has an impact on people, nature, and planet: one that may be hard to fathom from where you are sitting? If you were to trace any product from beginning to end, you could create a map showing the people, animals, plants, and environment that were all changed in some small part because of the production of that item and your subsequent purchase of it.

 You, yes You, have a significant impact on our world!

For example, when you purchase a fashion piece from Threads of Peru, you are impacting women, children and families in remote villages in the Andes in ways you may not realize. Your support of the traditional lifestyles of these communities enables them to continue and to thrive.

   Our keen desire to practice responsible stewardship means that we at Threads are able to tell you which communities, which plants, which people, etc. were involved in the creation of your product. 

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In contrast, many cheaply created garments are made using methods that exploit workers and harm the environment. The immediate savings resulting from this lack of responsible stewardship are passed onto you, the consumer. Thus, You unwittingly may end up supporting poor practices that you would not be a part of, if you had been informed regarding the processes used to create your product. Short-term savings may often mean long-term depletion and exploitation of people, animals, and planet.

 One positive impact of your purchase from Threads, on the other hand, is that it economically empowers women practicing their traditional weaving art in remote Andean communities. Global studies prove that the wellbeing of children greatly increases when mothers are able to earn and manage a part of household income. At Threads we use modern technology to promote the traditional alpaca fashions created by the women in these communities. By so doing, we enable the members of these communities to thrive doing what they know and love best.

The woman who made your piece is earning money and caring for her household while keeping and passing down a time-honored weaving tradition that otherwise might be lost. Her animals receive respectful care, and the plants she uses for dyeing the fiber are sustainably harvested. Above all, the Pachamama (Mother Earth) is respected as the source of all of these gifts.

 What more can you ask for from one single purchase: the chance to wear a timelessly elegant piece created by an Andean artisan; Plus the fact that you are supporting a tradition that is created with respect for people, animals, plants and Pachamama; Plus the reward of knowing that you are part of a growing global movement that's using modern technology to bring new life to ancient traditions.

 That’s what we mean by You having a Positive Impact on our World.