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Learn About Andean Textiles!

Andean Weaving Free Info-Seminar One Night Only-

Thursday, July 7th @ 6:00 PM



Quechua Textile Enthusiast and Conservator Sarah Confer will present fascinating textiles, and tell a vibrant story about life in the Andes.

Textiles are at the heart of Andean culture and identity in Peru. They are the link between the past and the future; they embody what it means to be a descendent of the Incas. Do you know which unassuming plants are used to create that bright shade of turquoise? What’s the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Feel the softness of baby alpaca, and marvel at the skill of traditional Andean weavers.


Come learn about the materials, techniques, and significance of this 5000-year old tradition, and hear about some of the things we are doing to make sure it remains a vibrant part of Quechua communities today, and far into the future.

When: 6pm, Thursday July 7 2016 (approx. 1 hour duration, plus short question and answer period after talk)

Where: At the Threads of Peru office, Cuichipuncho 366 Centro Histórico – between Matará and San Andrés, about two blocks from Qoricancha.

(Sign for Apus Peru, please press the white bell)

 Cost: Free! Light refreshments provided

 Hand-woven Andean textiles will be on display- the entire collection will be 20% off.

Sarah Confer holds a Bachelor's Degree in Art History and a Master's in Art Conservation, specializing in textiles. She has spent many days and nights in remote Quechua villages, exploring the significance of the weaving tradition, and investigating new ways to help communities promote their work and improve their quality of life, while maintaining cultural integrity. She currently resides in Victoria BC where she studies law at the University of Victoria, while co-managing Threads of Peru.

 Threads of Peru is an organization dedicated to connecting the world to the textile treasures of Peruvian artisans.

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