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Weaving a Brighter Future for Families in the Andes

With cooler weather just around the corner, you already know that our luxuriously soft, traditionally handcrafted alpaca items make wonderful additions to your autumn and winter wardrobe.

Whether it’s an elegant alpaca blanket, an enveloping wool poncho to keep out the cold, or a super soft alpaca scarf to keep winter at bay, we’ve literally got you covered in beauty, softness, and warmth.

But every purchase with us counts for even more, by enabling the villagers engaged in the time-honored ancient tradition of Andean weaving to continue doing what they do best. While you walk around in stylish warmth and elegant comfort, you can also feel warmer inside, knowing that your purchase has truly made a difference.

The daily lives of families, including that of the lovely young girl in the photo above, are immediately improved when you purchase one of our hand-woven Peruvian textiles. Food, housing, education, and medical care are just a few of the areas positively impacted by your purchase.

And you can be proud and honored to be able to support a lifestyle that is all about humanity and connectedness: closeness with the Pachamama, and with the people, animals, plants, and minerals that make up the interwoven fabric of this ancient Andean way of life. 

Your purchase can make a difference in the lives of children like Josefina, creating a Win-Win situation for yourself, the family and friends who receive your gifts, AND for native Andean weavers in Peru.

Threads of Peru: Weaving a Warmer Future for you AND a Brighter Future for Families in the Peruvian Andes