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How Natural Fibers Contribute To Your Healthy Lifestyle

A plethora of benefits awaits the family that includes natural fibers in their wardrobe, home and bedroom. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to bring natural fibers, like soft, warm alpaca, into your life. 

For the Look: Wrapping yourself in naturally dyed, sustainable fashions and adorning your home with the same, invites nature into your life. Natural fibers tend to be earthy, warm, and sensual, as opposed to the colder look and feel of synthetic materials. They serve as a visual and sensual reminder that we are a part of nature and nature is a part of us. 

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For the Love:  Wearing sustainable fashions and using them in your home décor supports the lifestyles of people maintaining time-honored traditions that might otherwise be lost with the “technological advances” of the modern world. In these days, many of us are actively seeking ways that we can make our purchases and choices count towards more than just the fulfillment of our own immediate need or desire. Looking great and helping a worthy cause at the same time results in a win-win situation that serves multiple needs and benefits people and planet. 

For the Feel: We are wired to respond to nature. Studies show that even looking at nature reduces stress in children and adults. By using natural fibers, you are inviting nature into your home, and helping to induce a relaxation response in your own and your family’s brains, resulting over time in greater overall health and fewer stress-related issues. 

For the Health: Using natural fiber clothing, bedding, and toys in your nursery and in your home will almost certainly reduce exposure to toxins and off gassing. Off gassing refers to the release of toxic chemicals from materials treated with chemical compounds during the manufacturing process. Off gassing has become a major concern for all of us who wish to avoid exposing our families to toxins.

For the Zzzz’s: Recent studies from the University of Sydney conclude that sleeping with wool bedding, including alpaca fiber, produces a deeper, more restful night’s sleep than sleeping with either synthetic or cotton materials. 

Love, Look, Feel, Health and Sleep: Using natural fibers brings so many advantages to your family’s healthy lifestyle. Shop with us at to avail yourself of these benefits in promoting your and your family's life, health, and happiness. 

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