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How We Met: Huilloc

Young Andean weavers

For their age, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of weaving they showed me (just a few table runners and scarves): the designs are well-executed, the colors very vibrant, straight edges and a nice finish. Already so accomplished!

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Dyeing in Totora

Dyeing is always nothing short of a miracle to me. Taking a handful of leaves freshly picked from the hillside – as we did yesterday with ch’illca, which we use for the green colour in our products – putting them into a boiling pot of water followed by carefully wound skeins of yarn, and moments later watching that yarn take on the hue of the leaves is simply amazing.
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How We Met: Huaran

Before I came to work at Threads of Peru in 2012, I was involved with another local non-profit organization called Q’ente, which similarly works to revitalize the weaving traditions in the Cusco area and provide economic support to weavers. Having volunteered there since 2009, I was already fairly well-connected with some of the local weaving cooperatives, including the one in Huaran.
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Threads of Peru Adopts a New Photographer/Social Media Volunteer Mariah Krey for the Summer!

Mariah, originally from Minnesota, first stumbled upon TOP last summer while she was searching for a way to combine her interests into meaningful work. She is currently a business school student studying Entrepreneurship & Marketing in Washington State, and spends most of her free time in the studio fostering her passions for photography and fibers.
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Good Luck Dana!

Dana working with peruvian weavers

It is with some sadness, and much anticipation we farewell Dana Blair from her role as Director of Operations in Cusco.  Over the past 4 years she has very much become the ‘face’ of Threads of Peru and an important part of our team.  We are delighted that she will be staying on with Threads in voluntary capacity, much like the other Executive Board members and that she is using much that she learned with her time with Threads of Peru to build her own business working with Andean artisans that we know and love. Dana shared story with us here

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Explore the Colors of Peru with us!

The Colors of Peru Peruvian Weaving Tour has literally been 8 years in the making!

It combines the very best of Peruvian culture and artisan traditions into 10 full days of discovery of Peru’s fascinating culture.

Starting in Lima,  we first visit some of Peru’s best textile museums and also provide context for the conquest and experience of the indigenous artisans in the Andes.   From Lima we take a short flight to Cusco, which at 3400metres (11100 feet) is one of the highest cities of its size in the world.  While we are acclimatizing in this captivating and cosmopolitan city we will have the opportunity to delve into Peru’s artistic traditions including a visit to a Maximo Laura workshop.

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