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More from Threads of Peru’s Master Weaver Collection!

More from Threads of Peru’s Master Weaver Collection!

Following up from our last blog post about the Threads of Peru’s new Master Weaver Collection, we’d like to present another weaver whose work is featured in this collection.



Angela lives in the small community of Totora on the route towards the Lares hotsprings, although she originally hails from the province of Paucartambo, a region renowned for their alpaca textiles. Angela started weaving when she was just 10 years old, and had mastered the craft by the time she was 15. She moved to Totora when she got married, and there raises two children of her own. For a while, she was also caring for a young girl from Paucartambo whose family was unable to take care of her. Both of her two older children, a boy and a girl, are learning to weave.

Cusco's Woman

Angela was taught how to weave by her mother, and her mother, in turn, learned from Angela’s grandmother. She raises a herd of about 30 alpacas, and spins her own wool. Her spinning is so fine that it is on par with machine-spun yarn! The result is work that is of unmatched quality.

Angela enjoys weaving, particularly the creative element that comes with designing a finished product, and creating the pallays, or woven designs.

Baby alpaca scarf and women's alpaca poncho

Two of Angela's masterpieces together: the Totora Master Weaver Baby Alpaca scarf in Pewter & Onyx and the Quilla Women's Alpaca poncho.

Angela’s skill is expertly portrayed in the alpaca scarves, Quilla women's alpaca poncho and table runner featured in the Quechua Collection. With her fine spinning, the scarves she weaves are soft and supple and drape wonderfully around the neck. The natural alpaca colours and intricate, finely woven designs look great on both men and women.

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