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Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

In North America, October and November are months dedicated to remembrance and thankfulness. And we at Threads of Peru have so much to be thankful for this year!

We were sad to say goodbye to long-term team member Dana Blair early this year, but we are so grateful for the great work she did for us in her almost 4 years (!) with Threads of Peru. That kind of commitment is unique in the NGO world, and we will continue to feel the impact of her dedication for a long time.

Andean weaving community

Dana, intently discussing the latest order in Chaullacocha with Demesia

Thankfully, we welcomed Ligia Gomez on board following Dana’s departure! She came to us with years of experience working in the artisan industry in her native Guatemala, and she has proven to be a huge asset to our team this year. We are even more thankful that she has agreed to stay with us another year!

Working in Andean weaving communities

Ligia showing the weavers in Huaran the latest updates to our website, where their work is featured!

For her part, Ligia is thankful to the Threads of Peru team for the warm welcome she has received since arriving, and also for the opportunity to experience life in another country, learning about a new culture – and all the challenges that come along with that!

Peru market

San Pedro market in the historic centre of Cusco, and the festive goodies that caught Ligia's eye!

We were also blessed to have two stellar volunteers with us this past summer. Mariah Krey joined us in May and spent the summer taking new photos and curating our social media feeds, helping to tell the Threads of Peru visual story.

(l) Camera slung over her shoulder, Mariah helps Narcisa wind her freshly spun alpaca yarn into a ball in Pitukiska; (r) A taste of Mariah's creativity, beautifully capturing the SAPA scarf in turquoise and coral.

Jennie Lyutskanov joined us in July thanks to a fellowship organized by artisan business support organization, Nest. Jennie brought her years of experience as a fashion designer and her New York sensibilities and applied them to traditional Andean weaving. The result? A fabulous 2018 collection that we are so excited to launch! Watch for a sneak peak coming in a future newsletter. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to see a glimpse of these new Andean treasures!


Jennie going over some of her designs with the weavers in Upis (top) and Huaran (bottom)

Despite their short time in Peru, Mariah and Jennie left an indelible mark on Threads of Peru, and on our hearts. We are so thankful to them for sharing their creativity, skill and expertise with us, and we know their impact will continue to be felt for a long time!

Peru artisans

Ruperta and Inocencia from Upis share a laugh in their excitement over new designs, new challenges

We are always unendingly thankful to the amazing weavers we work with, as well. This year, it was their enthusiasm to work alongside Jennie, testing new designs and producing endless samples, that really stood out. Their eagerness and positivity never ceases to amaze us!

Baby in Andean community

When potatoes were served, this little cutie was the first to crawl over and grab one!

Our team is also, naturally, thankful for all the potatoes – so many natural varieties, prepared in various ways, and generously offered to us on every community visit.

Lastly – but not least! – we are so thankful to all of you, our supporters and followers. Without you, none of this would be possible.