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Threads of Peru welcomes new Project Coordinator, Ligia Gómez!

Ligia, originally from Guatemala, joins the Threads of Peru team!

With years of experience working with traditional textiles in her home country, Ligia brings her expertise to Peru.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Trade, obtained in July 2015 at the Rafael Landívar University. While working in her home country with two different organizations, she developed a passion to preserve the traditions and culture of Indigenous communities.  Being herself part of the Maya K’iche community, working towards empowerment has become an essential core of her professional path.

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Ligia, Dana and Lourdes

Experiencing Peruvian textiles for the first time, Ligia has found herself amazed by the similarities of the weaving techniques and designs, and has also pointed out a few of the differences in the looms. She is fascinated by the landscapes in the communities she has visited, which remind her a lot of home. This represents a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from each other.

Confident that she can bring a new and fresh insight about the artisan sector to TOP, Ligia is very excited to share her knowledge and be part of the family. “I’m enjoying everything in my new home, Cusco. TOP is a great model of an organization, the city is gorgeous, the communities are breathtaking, the people are great and the food is amazing! I’m really excited to share my experiences with everyone back home in Guatemala.”