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Threads of Peru Blog

Want to work in Peru? Threads seeks Project Leader and Liason

Threads of Peru is looking for qualified applicants for the position of Project Leader and Liaison for our operation in Cuzco, Peru for a one year contract.

This is an exciting opportunity, which involves overseeing ongoing initiatives in the Sacred Valley, some administrative work as well as the need for creative efforts in the area of marketing; specifically online. This position also involves consistent communication with partners in North America and Australia regarding the state of operations, as well as to collaborate on new efforts.

Applicants must speak, read and write English and Spanish fluently, and posses the ability to adapt and learn quickly, as well as the confidence to take the initiative and to work effectively while unsupervised. This person must posses strong organizational skill while also being creative and enthusiastic about the work Threads of Peru is doing in the region.



  • The monitoring of ongoing projects in the Sacred Valley (these include weaving projects, community development projects and nutrition programs in remote communities in the region. (These projects have qualified people working on them, but this position requires the monitoring of progress and input and communication of that progress to partners.) Part of this monitoring includes managing the Peruvian field staff: weaving teachers, projects officer, administrative staff in Cusco. You will be the person giving them their instructions, albeit that these instructions come from the directors outside the country. You must have some experience in managing people.
  • Occasional travel to remote communities to buy woven works from indigenous weavers on behalf of Threads of Peru.
  • Regular communication in with co-founders in English and/or Spanish through email and telephone or Skype regarding all activities in Peru.
  • Regular communication in Spanish with co-workers in Peru regarding management of day-to-day issues and activities.
  • The managing of the online ebay store for the sale of indigenous products, using online tools. This may also involve some basic photography to create product listings.
  • Regular posting on the Threads of Peru blog, to keep the public updated on activities of the organization. This requires strong writing ability and the use of online tools.
  • Creative effort in the area of marketing; specifically online marketing. This means putting regular effort into promoting Threads of Peru initiatives through the internet and other forms of media.

_____________________________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT TYPE

Full time; 40 hours per week.

This position would be supervised for an initial period of at least 3 months, and would then operate largely unsupervised.

40 hour week with 5 days a week in office / field work. Some flexibility around working arrangements.

Other Details:

  • Feriados/ public holidays – Peru has an enormous amount of Feriados – many of which you will be needed to work as tourists continue to visit Cusco on these days.
  • You are entitled to 4 paid public holidays per year, but to be taken by prior agreement.
  • Strike days – are considered normal days and you are expected to report for work.
  • You will be reporting directly to Threads of Peru co-founder Ariana Svenson, and out of country founders Angie Hodder, and Adam Collins mainly via Skype.
  • You will be working in conjunction with Peru office staff as one of a culturally diverse team.



  • Fluency (reading, writing and speaking) in both English and Spanish. This is an absolute must! This job is not open to those without Spanish and English skills. 
  • High level of computer skills; the ability to use or rapidly learn particular online tools such as ebay store functions, Wordpress, Skype, google tools, knowledge of HTML would be an asset.
  • Administrative ability; record-keeping and written reporting. Experience with Microsoft Office or equivalent
  • A strong interest and/or experience/education in sustainable development.
  • A strong interest and/or experience/education in textiles or handmade artisan products is an asset.
  • Strong writing skills
  • Marketing experience is a plus. Online marketing and social media expertise is a specific interest.
  • Basic digital photography and the ability to upload photos using internet tools.
  • The ability to work in a multi-cultural, collaborative environment.
  • Self-confidence and the ability to work unsupervised, but able to take direction as well.
  • Applicant must have and maintain their own computer equipment (laptop). (A good-quality digital camera would be an asset.)

Desirable Skills (but not a must):

  1. Experience living in a developing nation – you will need to be adaptable and resourceful, able to work with people that are culturally diverse
  2. Experience in web based marketing, SEO, adwords, etc.
  3. Experience in developing or updating websites
  4. Experience of developing publicity, marketing and sales
  5. interest in sustainability, ethics in travel and other responsible forms of travel/ and or an interest in development in third world nations.
  6. Relevant university degree.



  • Up to 3 months of supervised training at the beginning of the contract, depending on start date.
  • Office space
  • Transportation for work-related tasks when necessary
  • Guides for work-related tasks when necessary
  • Tourist service and Discounted travel arrangements can be arranged during off-time.
  • Assistance in finding appropriate housing for the duration of the contract
  • Community orientation in Cuzco to assist you in settling in salary



Salary is $700 US per month with 1 year contract.

1 month trial period, to ensure that you are the right person for the job. The contract is for 1 year with the potential for longer if desired. Once 1 year contract is completed, you will be entitled to one month’s paid leave.

Note: a person can get by quite comfortably in Peru on this salary. We can provide successful applicants with a "living in Cusco handbook" which outlines various expenses such as, accommodation, transport, food, Dining out / dancing / nightlife, travel, etc.



Preferred Start Date is May 20th 2011

1 year contract that ends May 2012 with the possibility of renewal. _____________________________________________________________


Qualified applicants should submit a CV and a 3 page cover letter which outlines relevant skills and experience.

All candidates applying must also include with their application a written response in Spanish to the following question: Why are you interested in this position? (200 word limit)

Please send applications to: _____________________________________________________________ APPLICATION DEADLINE:

All applications must be received by 5pm Peru time on 31st March 2011

You will be advised if you have been shortlisted by Friday 8th April 2011

Interviews, by Skype or telephone will occur in the week commencing 11th April 2011. Your interview will be in Spanish, then English. If your Spanish is not at a high level then most likely we will not continue with the interview.

You will be advised of the success of your application by 22nd April, at the latest.

NOTE: Please do not apply for this job if you do not have a high level of spoken Spanish.