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Welcoming our new volunteer for fashion design & marketing Nina Heitmann!

Welcoming our new volunteer for fashion design & marketing Nina Heitmann!

We would like to introduce Nina from Hamburg, Germany. This year she decided to take a different route and broaden her horizon whilst traveling.

She stumbled upon TOP as she was looking for an opportunity to combine her travels with her profession.


Nina studied fashion design at the University of Applied Science Trier, Germany and worked for multiple companies in the same field since finishing her degree.

By the time of her bachelor thesis, she began discovering herself as a designer. This culminated in her project "Die Welt steht auf dem Kopf “ (literally translated: The world is upside down), which is a cry out for sustainable fashion and reflecting her true passion. Combining the creative process of designing clothes with meaning is what makes this profession interesting and valuable for her.

In her final project, she was experimenting with new sustainable materials, natural dyes and draped silhouettes. Boiled onion peels with different intensities of color created a natural dégradé effect and the tree bark of a fig tree gave an interesting texture and depth to the collection.





Volunteering for TOP she feels she can take upon her interest in exploring natural materials.

From her own experience, she knows that the process of designing and ultimately creating a textile and the garment itself takes much more time than you would imagine at first sight of the final product.

After her first glimpse of TOP artisan products, she is already amazed by the creativity of textile designs with a story behind each of those designs and the diverse color palette that is generated from only natural origins.

With her experience in the fashion industry and her background in marketing, she strives to contribute to connecting the world to the handcrafted products of the indigenous people of the Andes:  "This experience is taking me back to the roots of what creating clothes once used to be. We can learn a lot from the ancient techniques that do not harm the nature and bless us with beautiful pieces that are made to last. TOP is preserving the traditional culture of the artisans and their way of living while connecting their treasures to the rest of the world and I am very excited to be a part it.“