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Product Feature: the Manta (an Andean blanket)

Called lliqlla (pronounced l-yick-lya) in Quechua, and manta in Spanish, this is a special piece of Andean clothing.  The manta is a medium-sized square textile composed of two pieces of fabric, each woven on the backstrap loom. The two halves are joined together by a central seam, but unlike the poncho, the entire length is sewn. These central seams are often very decorative, featuring such stitched designs as zig zags, triangles or starbursts.

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Product Feature: The Andean Chullo

The OCONGATE and PITUKISKA hats have a long history in the Andes, and provide a direct link from past to present. The Andean chullo is an often elaborately decorated, usually colourful winter hat knitted using five very fine needles. Knitting was introduced in Peru during Colonial times, but it has reached an unparalleled degree of artistry in the Andes, becoming the subject of many academic writings. While weaving is largely done by women, in many communities it is often the men who knit.

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