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Quick Guide to Entregas

Quick Guide to Entregas

 The process of getting our amazing textiles from the high Andes to our store involves three distinct activities in our weaving communities. The first step is a workshop where we help the weavers hone their dyeing techniques. Next comes a pedido (request) where we assign products to a weaver or a group of weavers. Finally we have an entrega (delivery) where we pick up the finished products. We have already talked about the first two steps so today we are going to focus on the last one — the entrega.

The time between a pedido and an entrega varies but on average it spans about one month. In that time, what began as a few centimeters of woven textiles created during the pedido becomes a completed product. Seeing the weavers’ designs come to life is one of the most exciting parts of working with Threads of Peru.

Peruvian Textile

 At the entrega, each textile is measured and documented by our staff. Then it is evaluated by our master weaver Daniel Sonqo who inspects the quality, color, and craftsmanship of the item. If everything looks good, the weaver is paid for her work and is photographed with her textile. In rare cases where an item doesn’t meet our standards, it is returned to the weaver so she can sell it through other outlets.

 The entrega isn’t only about picking up items, it is also the time when we can provide the weavers with valuable feedback on their work. Sometimes one of the women will have a question about a certain technique or will want to consult Daniel about putting the finishing touches on an item. With his skill, Daniel is able to quickly point the women in the right direction and ensure that their products are top quality.

 Once everything has been inspected and paid for, we pack it away and head home. The weavers’ work is finished for now but the work for Thread’s staff is just beginning. After the entrega it’s on to inventory, photography, and marketing to get the products into our customer’s hands just in time for fall.