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Product Feature: Senkapas

At Threads of Peru, we think our WATOs and SENKAPAs make great bracelets, but traditionally, these narrow weavings hand-decorated with beads are used to fasten or embellish women’s traditional hates called monteras. Sometimes they decorate the men’s chullos – traditional knit hats – as well.

As always, regional variation determines whether a hat features many or just a few senkapas, as well as how long or short they are, and how much beading they contain. Hats and chullos that feature a great number of senkapas often indicate one that was made to mark a ceremony, festival or other special occasion, such as a wedding.

Our WATO and SENKAPA wrap bracelets come from the Ocongate region, which is known for its thin, delicate senkapas with heavy beading. As you can see in this photo of Weaving Association co-President Ruperta, many senkapas are used to adorn the women’s hats in this region.