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Making An Impact on Women Artisans in Peru

Our 2018 Collection is full of pieces that bring ancient Andean weaving into the spotlight in new and creative ways, from the Upis pillow which brings traditional embroidered joining stitches front and center, to the use of delicately handspun yarn in the super soft Miski alpaca scarf, to the re-introduction of discontinuous warp and weft in the modern Tawa pillows.


Not only has this collection breathed new life into these ancient textile techniques, it has also meant more sales and increased income for the Peruvian artisans we work with. 


That’s why we’re campaigning to bring New York fashion designer Jennie Lyutskanov back to Peru to design for 2019 as well!



Read more about our campaign.

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We recently did an analysis of the 2017 orders compared to 2018 and what we found surprised even us. To given an example from just one of our partner communities, we compared the number of orders they received between January and June 2017 to the number of orders received in the same period in 2018. In just the first half of 2018, the weavers in Upis saw their orders increase over 30%!


We also compared the value of those orders and the result was even more astonishing. So far, the artisans in Upis have earned nearly 3 ½ times more money than they did in the first half of 2017!

This is an incredible result that superseded all of our expectations. We really want to keep the momentum going, and that’s why we need Jennie to come back!


Help us Bring Jennie Back today by donating to our fundraising campaign! You can be a part of our effort to Design a Brighter Future for Andean weavers in Peru!