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You may have wondered about our hashtag #makeyourstatement.

Threads of Peru provide opportunities to #makeyourstatement, whether it’s in your fashion choices or in daily life.

Our handcrafted pieces are made for a lifetime; each item is unique, handmade by an indigenous artisan who uses techniques passed down through the generations.  These pieces transcend seasons or fashions, and with their bold, tribal colors make it easy to #makeyourstatement 

Those who wear our pieces are confident in themselves and their choices – they are proud to step out in something and be proud ambassadors of #makeyourstatement

People who purchase Threads of Peru pieces have strong ethical values; they value fair trade and handmade organic pieces.  They love the rich diversity in our world, and embrace that a purchase can #makeastatement for maintaining age old traditions on our planet

Why not #makeyourstatement today?