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Colorful handbags for your creative side!

Colorful handbags for your creative side!

Take some time to browse our creative and colorful handbag collection – all fair trade handbags from Peru.

While browsing, consider, “What does your handbag say about you?” While your handbag plays the important, practical role of carrying everything you need for the day, it also offers an important expression of who you are!

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Some internet searching led us to discover that there are four main handbag “personality” types:

Expressive – Naturally sensitive and down-to-earth, these people are carry trinkets as well as a book or gossip mag in their bag. They look for handbags which express personality!

Creative – This person is an imaginative free spirit, fun and approachable. As her life is constantly evolving, she likes to swap her hand bag regularly to reflect her mood and match her outfit.  A unique or colorful handbag  is a must!

Prepared – Typically a reliable and detail-focused person, this person tends to choose neutral colored, classic cut handbags which will never go out of style.

Minimal Classic – Logical and rational, these handbag carriers dislike clutter so like to keep their bag streamlined and neat, inside and out!

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This week, for creative and expressive types, we offer the Hilos y Colores tote bags -the bright coloured, flamboyant, and vibrant flowers adorning these colorful handbags are intriguing and often attract compliments!

Stylish, with a hint of free spirit, these handy totes are big enough to carry your tablet, plus a couple of books. They close with zippers and include practical interior pockets. If you love colors and textures then the traditional Peruvian embroidery technique used on these handbags is sure to catch your eye.

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Hilos y Colores (Threads and Colours) are an artisan company that investigates, rescues, preserves, and promotes the ancestral textile techniques of Peru. They weave, embroider, knit, crochet, and sew high-quality products that recognise both Peruvian traditions and modern trends. Hilos y Colores are based in Ayacucho, Peru which is known as the “Capital of Folk Art and Crafts of Peru” for its richness of quality and craftsmanship. Hilos y Colores support a network of over 600 families, many of which were displaced from their original communities during the violence of the 1980’s.

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