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A Capsule Collection from the high Andes!

A Capsule Collection from the high Andes!


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The Andean weaving tradition,  and the unique and colorful textiles that it produces,  have been inspiring pieces of cultural heritage for 5,000 years. These inspiring textiles often provoke exclamations of “oohs” and ahs” from admirers as they are undeniably luxurious and statement-making. But we began to wonder, “are Andean textiles ready for the world of international fashion?” With the help of up-and-coming Swiss designer, Eliane Heutschi, Threads of Peru has taken the first exciting steps forward with our very first European designed collection!  We are excited to be bringing the combination of traditional textiles and cutting edge fashion to your wardrobe – with the limited edition QHAPAQ capsule collection!

eliane heutschi,  capsule collection, peruvian capsule collection, european designed capsule collection 
Eliane jumped head first into her project, working directly with the women in many of our artisan communities!

Inspired by the vibrancy and tradition of Quechua textiles, Eliane focused on the “journey” of traveling and experiencing foreign destinations – placing these adventures in our everyday lives – to connect our fashion-forward audience with the story of preserving cultural heritage in the high Andes.

eliane heutschi,  capsule collection, peruvian capsule collection, european designed capsule collectionEliane and Dana enjoy an afternoon in the weaving village of Chinchero, drawing inspiration from all around – and some yummy potatoes at the market too!

Beginning with the collection name itself, QHAPAQ is an indigenous Quechua word meaning “royal” and represents the reverence paid to the utility and beauty of textiles throughout Peruvian history, particularly by the royal lineage of the Incas.  Incan royalty is known to have draped themselves in some of the finest cloth ever produced. Its fascinating to realize that in 2014, high Andes people continue to practice this technique in almost an unchanged manner from their ancestors – with bone, sticks and thread!

Undeniably statement-making pieces, the QHAPAQ capsule collection in turn promotes the statements made by traditional clothing in the Andes.   For example, the women’s long, layered skirts known as “polleras” or “faldas” , vary slightly between communities but are characterized by black woven textile and brightly colored trim called “golon.” Warm and eye-catching, these skirts are the artistic inspiration for the QHAPAQ tote, which turns them upside down (trim side up!) and combines the textile with beautiful black leather.

Walking down from the high Andean community of ChaullachocaWalking down from the high Andean community of Chaullachoca, these women absolutely “pop!” out of the landscape with their bright hats and skirts!

The international market for artisan-made goods, although growing, is becoming more competitive, requiring the latest and most innovative products. We feel very fortunate to have worked with an individual as talented and driven as Eliane Heutschi, whose values strongly mirror ours. Like us, she is interested in providing economic opportunities through which to preserve and promote traditional practices. She  is also taking these textile inspired pieces to the  bright lights and impeccable style of her adoptive city, Paris. Talk about exposure for this unique capsule collection, and for Threads of Peru!

clutch bag, clutch purse, Qhapaq Collection Peru, Eliane Heutschi designer, capsule collectionThe QHAPAQ multipurpose clutch was woven from 100% naturally dyed or undyed wool by the talented weavers of Totora.


Please continue following on our social media pages for updates in early 2015 about Threads of Peru in Europe with Eliane Heutschi! And visit us online for more information about this hugely exciting capsule collection – our very first!  Following these updates will ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to add a unique, limited edition capsule collection piece from Peru to your wardrobe!