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Ever wanted to speak with a Threads of Peru weaver? Now is your chance on!

On behalf of all of us at Threads of Peru, we would like to extend an invitation to you - our friends and supporters - to take part in our featured sales week on! From Sunday, April 28th to Saturday, May 4th, our team - scattered throughout Peru, Canada and Australia - will be online to chat one-on-one with you about everything from our products to our goals for the future. And there is more! We have coordinated with weavers from both of our communities, Rumira Sandormayo and Chaullaqocha, to meet with us in nearby Ollantaytambo to take part in all the chatting fun. With the help of one of our guides from Apus Peru, we will translate all of your questions from English to Spanish to Quechua and back again, giving you a unique opportunity to connect with the TOP weavers from the comfort of your own home.

But perhaps you are asking, “What exactly is” Kicked off just this year by an experienced team of entrepreneurs in San Francisco, California, “ is an e-commerce site that allows customers to chat live with the artisans who made the products for sale.” Their vision is based on the idea of bringing personal interaction to online shopping - to connect you directly with the artisan whose product you are buying. All of the products featured on ChatBasket are hand-made and sustainably produced, truly one-of-a-kind treasures from around the world. By facilitating the personal connection between producer and buyer, this innovative approach to online shopping sets traditional artisans in developing countries apart from the middle-men and mass production of retail sales. To learn more about ChatBasket, chatting online during our sales week and why this is an opportunity you definitely should not miss, check out the short video below or visit to see what’s already happening online!

ChatBasket Launch Video

We will be periodically posting reminders on our blog and Facebook page over the next few weeks to keep you in the loop! We also hope that you will check out  the TOP profile on and sign up to be notified when we are available online to chat during our sales week - just follow this link!

Threads of Peru ChatBasket Profile