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Sacred Valley Color Palettes

Sacred Valley Color Palettes

The color palettes featured in this holiday season’s product selection have been carefully selected in accordance with current fashion and color trends, combined with the ancient Quechua weaving tradition. Our newest products come in a variety of hues that range from muted and natural to vibrant and energetic. Since the dyes used to color the threads are 100% natural, your product will have the same colors that can be seen in the flora and fauna of the spectacular Andean hills.

The combinations used in each piece have been inspired by elements of nature found in the Sacred Valley. For example, the multi-toned blues of the Urubamba river next to the icy white of the frozen alpine ponds. Or the mustard yellow of the dragonflower blossom, sharply contrasted against the burnt ochre of fields of windswept grasses.

Andes View


The natural fiber products are especially reminiscent of the Andean landscape because the colors are unaltered from the original alpaca wool. You will be awed by the beauty of the alpacas, and by the varied tones of brown, black, grey and white that compliment each other so perfectly.

Andean Flower

Some of the most beautiful views of the Andes are made more so by the stark contrast found in nature. In the midst of the dry season, when most of the hills are covered in yellow brush and the lanscape seems to shift from one shade of beige to another, a single vibrant purple lupin will emerge from the grass in protest. And in the lush rainy season, when the rolling green jungle bursts with life, a still and silent lake will reflect the spotless bright blue of the sky. These natural and beautiful contrasts are what have inspired our textiles this season.  

Written by Megan Malley