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Wide Belt Faja - Multicolor Grey

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Handmade 100% Wool Wide Faja Belt – Fair Trade from Peru


These statement-making wide belts are the perfect accent piece to any day-time or evening activity! Known as a faja in Spanish, these fajas are part of local typical dress, but will make a statement as a highly crafted, boho look featuring age-old Quechua designs such as sallaqocha (calm lake)!

Paired with your favorite dress or skirt-top combo, these wide faja belts are best worn around the high waist, adjusted to size with two finely woven ties.

Multicolour Gray, featuring designs of trigo (grains) and naturally dyed colors, such as yellow (dyed with q'olle flowers) and green (dyed with ch'illca leaves)

Size: Approximately 7 cm x 76 cm