Threads of Peru

Orqo Shoulder Bag


Hand-woven Peruvian Shoulder Bag - 100% Naturally Dyed Wool

Size: 30 cm x 32 cm

Fiber: 100% Natural Wool


This exquisite bag is an innovative combination of traditional design and modern form!

Woven by the Munay Urpi weaving association of Huaran, deep within the Sacred Valley of Cusco, the Orqo Bag features an intricate pattern of traditional iconography - known as pica pica (Inca Stairs or Inca Pathways) along the bottom edge. The rich shades of red and blue were dyed using locally sourced and natural dye materials, including the cochineal insect - once considered more valuable then gold! 

The finely spun wool and intricate detail of the Orqo bag make this piece a must-have accessory for your winter wardrobe!