Threads of Peru

Tupac Amaru Wool Peruvian Manta


Traditional Handwoven Peruvian Manta – 100% Naturally Dyed Wool

Size: 118 cm x 120 cm 

Fibre: 100% Wool


The Tupac Amaru Peruvian Manta is the artistic expression of Eugenia Huaman, a traditional Quechua weaver from the Chaullacocha community. This unique textile piece was handwoven with handspun and naturally dyed wool fiber, showcasing a tribute and the history of the Incan leader Tupac Amaru. 

This Peruvian textile brings a one time opportunity to collect a rustic yet stunning original piece that celebrates the backstrap loom weaving tradition of the Andes! 

Called lliqlla in Quechua, a manta is a traditional carrying cloth, used to carry a variety of items – from potatoes to firewood, to plants harvested for dyeing, and even babies! The greatest heights of artistic expression and technical accomplishment are showcased when weaving mantas, as this is the last stage of a weaver’s education.

Peruvian Mantas are traditionally worn over the shoulder by women, covering the back. They are first folded on the diagonal and joined by two corners under the chin with a large pin (traditionally called a tupu).