Threads of Peru

Sapa Wide Baby Alpaca Scarf

$269.00 $269.00

One-Of-A-Kind 100% Baby Alpaca Handwoven Wide Scarf, Unisex

Size: 30 cm x 210 cm

Fibre: 100% Baby Alpaca



The Sapa Wide Scarves, woven in gorgeous baby alpaca fiber, are stunning accessory items that will brighten up your wardrobe with a touch of Peru! Made by the community of Totora, in the Sacred Valley of Peru, these scarves were created using natural dye ingredients such as the cochineal insect (red) the kaka sunkha plant (brown) and kinsa kunchu (turquoise), as well as naturally occurring shades of alpaca fiber. They are perfect to accessorize with, worn dramatically wrapped, or even in a loosely draped shawl style.

The name "sapa" means ‘full of design’ in Quechua; this group of four scarves in the Quechua Collection feature the same weaving design in different, vibrant color combinations. The individual designs include ‘pica pica’ (Incan stairs) on the borders, and flowers and hearts in the central panel. In the Quechua storytelling tradition, the artisan's view of the world, including lakes, mountains, flowers, and Incan constructions, (all features of the natural environment), are represented in the weavings. The heart in the center of the weaving signifies the love that the weaver (and the wearer!) feel for the natural environment.