Threads of Peru

Machu Picchu Alpaca Throw


One-Of-A-Kind Colorful Alpaca Throw Blanket – 100% Sustainable, Naturally Dyed Alpaca 

Size: 120 cm x 216 cm

Fiber: 100% Alpaca


The Machu Picchu Alpaca Throw is sure to add an exotic flair to your bedroom!

The rich colors were all hand-dyed using locally-sourced dye-bearing plants, insects, and minerals, a testament to the beauty of nature in the Andes. This piece was hand-woven using a traditional backstrap loom in the remote high Andean community of Chaullacocha, at an altitude of over 4,300 metres (14,100 feet) by an indigenous Quechua weaver. 

The intricate designs of the Machu Picchu Alpaca Throw, representative of the region in which it was produced, showcase a cultural heritage centuries old.