Threads of Peru

Awaq Chuspa Alpaca Bag

$116.00 $129.00

Handmade Artisan Peruvian Chuspa Alpaca Bag - 100% Naturally Dyed Fibers

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm; 

Fiber: 80% Alpaca/20% Wool


This exquisitely handwoven cross-body bag, known as a chuspa in Quechua, is one of the most culturally rich pieces in our 2019 Collection. This South American style bag will be your favorite Latin accessory!

Featuring complex Quechua iconography and vibrant, organically dyed colors, the Awaq Chuspas represent thousands of year of Andean history and are still used today as carrying bags for necessities, like coca leaves. 


The Awaq Chuspas were woven in the remote Andean community of Pitukiska, deep within the Mapacho River Valley of Cusco, using 100% natural fibers. The bags were sourced directly from the artisan at fair trade value. A remarkable feature of the chuspa is the fact that the central pocket is woven as a continuous piece of the bag, warped on the same loom. Very few artisans, even in the Cusco region, have the knowledge or skill to weave using this particular technique!