Threads of Peru

Amaru Woven Bracelets (sets of 3)


Handmade Fair Trade Peruvian Friendship Woven Bracelets - 100% Naturally Dyed Wool

Size: 1.5cm cm x 15 cm

Fiber: 100% Wool

Add a unique touch of Andean native flair to your wardrobe with these Peruvian woven bracelets.

The Amaru Bracelets are made in the community of Huaran, deep within the lush Sacred Valley of Cusco. They are sold in sets of 3 assorted designs, featuring ancient pallay (designs) and the natural dyeing techniques of the Andes. 

The Amaru Woven Bracelets feature intricate white beading along their length and fasten with open ties at each end. 

They are the perfect "touch of Peru" item for any special friend or loved one.