Threads of Peru

Pitusiray Master Weaver Table Runner


Handwoven Peruvian Table Runner - 100% Sustainable Baby Alpaca

Size: 40 cm x 210 cm

Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca

The Pitusiray Master Weaver Table Runner can be custom ordered when out of stock! Please allow 4 weeks for production time before shipping


The Pitusiray Master Weaver Table Runner in Onyx & Charcoal is one of the finest examples of Quechua weaving in the Cusco region and will add the perfect touch of Latin American panache to your decor!

Woven by featured Master Weaver, Angela Milo Huallpa, from the high Andean community of Totora, the rich earth tones of this luxurious baby alpaca table runner are the result from the naturally occurring range of un-dyed alpaca fiber. The pallay (designs) of each runner are slightly different, reflecting the ever-changing inspirations of weaving - the natural environment, family stories, and the emotions of the weaver while working.

The Pitusiray Master Table Runner in Pewter is a credit to the incomparable skill that Angela has acquired through decades of practice. Her hand-spun yarn is actually considered to be as fine as machine spun! Carmen, her young daughter, is enthusiastically following in her mother's footsteps, already spinning and weaving awe-inspiring textiles of her own.