Colors of Peru: Full Itinerary

Colors of Peru: A Peruvian Textile Tour:
Day by Day Full Itinerary

1. Arrival Lima 
Your tour leader will greet you at the Jorge Chavez airport, welcoming you to Peru. Transfer to your unique hotel in the artsy Barranco neighborhood, followed by a light meal will at the hotel, depending on your arrival time (alternate arrangements will be made for those who arrive in the wee hours!) Meals: D

Comfort - Second Home / Luxury - Hotel B Barranco

2. Exploring Lima 
After a welcome breakfast and group meeting, we will head out to visit Dedalo, a unique artisan shop in Barranco. Then we head out into Lima, a thriving metropolis of over 14 million people with a rich history.  With so much to do and see, we’ve chosen just two places to visit to give context:
The "Casa de Aliaga" is the oldest colonial mansion in Lima, maybe even in all of South America! The Casa provides insight into the enormously wealthy and privileged lives that the conquistadores led.  We’ll have lunch here before continuing to the Amano Museum, a private collection of pre-Columbian artwork including ceramics and one of Peru’s most complete collections of ancient textiles that were salvaged from tombs and other pillaged sites.
From here, we will return to our hotel before heading out to a celebratory dinner at one of Barranco’s best restaurants. 

Hotel:  Comfort - Second Home / Luxury - Hotel B Barranco

3. Fly Lima- Cusco

Today we will be transferred to the airport and take our 1 hour flight to Cusco, the Navel of the World, Capital of the Incas, and also the home of Threads of Peru! Cusco is a cosmopolitan city where world-class food, hotels, museums and galleries exist alongside indigenous people who still sell their wares on the street, the inheritors of a fascinating textile tradition. 

Due to Cusco's very high altitude (11154 ft. / 3400m) we recommend taking it easy today.  After freshening up, we will have an orientation tour and light lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the Threads of Peru office and the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco (CTTC), founded by famous indigenous weaver Nilda Callañaupa.  This is a wonderful way to get an overview of Andean weaving while taking it easy as we acclimatize to the Andes.

Hotel:  Comfort - Casa San Blas / Luxury - Casa Cartagena.
Meals: B, L, D

4. Explore Cusco’s Art Scene
Today we delve deeper into the Cusco art scene, while also gaining greater insight into Peru’s art history. We visit the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (MAP), then continue to the bohemian neighborhood of San Blas, and visit the most famous artisans of Cusco, the Mendivil family. After a local lunch we visit the workshop of Maximo Laura whose tapestries are rich in color and famous worldwide. After a visit to the Tawa Concept gallery you will have a didactic pottery class where you will learn different techniques and create a beautiful piece of art.

In the afternoon we will enjoy a cooking our own meal at one of Cusco’s famous cooking schools where you will learn some exquisite Peruvian cooking techniques!

Hotel:  Comfort - Casa San Blas / Luxury - Casa Cartagena.

Meals: B, L, D

5. Travel to Sacred Valley of the Incas

Today we leave the bustling vibrancy of Cusco to travel to the Sacred Valley. A verdant valley between high mountains, the Sacred Valley boasts some of the most fertile and beautiful land in the region, and was the personal property of the Inca King. First stop for us is Awanacancha, a community-owned weaving center where we can learn about the weaving tradition as well get up close and personal with llamas, alpacas and other camelids native to the Andes. This is a great opportunity to feel the different fibers on the animals themselves.
From here, we will be treated to a stunning view of the entire Sacred Valley before descending to Pisaq which has a lively artisan market, one of the largest and most-renowned in South America. We will have lunch in Pisac and then you have the option of staying longer to wander the markets, or take in the history of the majestic Pisaq ruins.

Our time in the Sacred Valley will be a time to unwind and recharge. Many hotels here do not have televisions; some have limited Wi-Fi connections. Many people enjoy this chance to switch off, and be present with the experience. Spend time enjoying some yoga, journaling, delving into a good book, or just enjoying the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings. We will enjoy dinner at the hotel.

Hotel:  Comfort – Casa Colibri / Luxury – Sol y Luna 

Meals: B, L, D

6. Sacred Valley Dye Workshop: Colors of the Andes

The centerpiece of our cultural immersion, today we will spend the entire day working side-by-side with the members of the Munay Urpi ("beautiful dove" in Quechua) weaving association in the community of Huaran, helping them to dye yarn with natural dyes. Tucked away in the lush foothills of the Sacred Valley, Huaran is actually composed of 5 smaller villages – Cancha Cancha, Ch’uro, Sillacancha, Taqllapata, and Arin - with some of the members of Munay Urpi coming from as far as 1.5 hours away to participate in the cooperative.
When we arrive, the weavers will have already prepared skeins of plain alpaca yarn, and pots of water will be boiling away over the fire. Get ready to get your hands dirty as we work with cochineal, chapi, qaqasunka, chillca, mutuy and more local dye plants, turning that white yarn into all the colors of the rainbow. See for more information about the dye process.

Hotel:  Comfort – Casa Colibri / Luxury – Sol y Luna 

Meals: B, L, D

7. Threads of Peru Remote Weaving communities

Today we get off the beaten track as we travel to one of Threads of Peru’s more remote partner communities in the Patacancha Valley: Rumira Sondormayo, located some 4000 meters / 13,000 feet above sea level, where the altitude is high and the weather often freezing cold.

Here, the local women will teach us the basics of the ancient Andean weaving process. Alternatively, we can sit alongside them while they work on their own projects, and get a glimpse of the techniques and processes.
This is the most challenging day of the tour, as you get real insight into the work that Threads of Peru does in the higher altitude, more remote communities. You will however, have the chance to meet some of the people that have been empowered to greater economic independence via their association with Threads of Peru since 2009.  As this is a long day we will return to the hotel for dinner.

Hotel:  Comfort – Casa Colibri / Luxury – Sol y Luna

Meals: B, L, D

8. Ollantaytambo, & travel to Aguas Calientes

Though we have already passed through the quaint village of Ollantaytambo en route to the villages yesterday, today we will join the more popular tourist routes and get to know this historic village.

We will enjoy a guided tour of the Ollantaytambo ruins and then have time to wander the Incan stone streets. We will have an early lunch at Hearts Café, whose profits support high Andean communities. Founded by a 70 year old British woman, it also offers delicious whole foods! From here we take a spectacular train trip through a deep valley to emerge at Aguas Calientes, also known as Machu Picchu Pueblo. There are plenty of souvenir markets to explore, or if you prefer, take time to rest a little before your visit to the famous Lost City!

Hotel:  Comfort – La Cabana / Luxury – Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
Meals: B, L, D

9. Visit to Machu Picchu

Today we will rise early for our visit to Machu Picchu, the famous Lost City of the Incas and one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. We take the bus up the hairpin road, to enjoy a 2 hour guided tour of key points of this city.

We will enjoy a buffet lunch before you have the chance to go back and take a second look at this city on your own time.
Mid-afternoon we will depart Machu Picchu for the 4 hour return train and car ride back to Cusco city.  As this was a big day we will have a quiet meal close to the hotel upon return.

Hotel:  Comfort - Casa San Blas / Luxury - Casa Cartagena.
Meals: B, L, D

10. Cusco

After breakfast you have a free day to explore Cusco city, where a rich variety of experiences awaits: visit the numerous museums, restaurants, spas, cafes or craft markets, or simply enjoy the views from one if its beautiful plazas!

Hotel:  Comfort - Casa San Blas / Luxury - Casa Cartagena.
Meals: B

11. Return Home. 
Today after breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your return flight to Lima.  Please coordinate with us your flight time leaving Peru so that we can ensure the easiest travel experience. 

Meals: B
End of services.

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