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K'ata Wide Baby Alpaca Scarf

$189.00 $189.00

One-Of-A-Kind 100% Baby Alpaca Handwoven Wide Scarf, Unisex

Size: 30 cm x 210 cm

Fibre: 100% Baby Alpaca


The K’ata Wide Alpaca Scarf collection contains some of our favorite products - luxurious, ample, and oh-so-soft! The rich shades of these baby alpaca scarves are made using ancient natural dyeing techniques - with the cochineal insect (crimson), once more valuable than gold, and the kinsa kunchu plant (turquoise) - as well as naturally occurring shades of alpaca fiber. 

This alpaca scarf is a classic unisex piece that is perfect to combine with a thick sweater or elegant jacket. For women, it can be worn as a voluptuous thick scarf or an elegant shawl wrapped around the shoulders.

The name k’ata means ‘plain or without design’ in Quechua and refers to a group of four solid color scarves in the Quechua Collection that are classic, elegant fashion items created by ancient Andean techniques. The K’ata Wide Alpaca Scarves were handwoven by an indigenous artisan from the Sacred Valley community of Totora.