Threads of Peru

Wayra Change Purse


Handwoven Peruvian Change Purse - 100% Naturally Dyed Wool

Size:  9 cm x 12 cm

Fibre: 100% Natural Wool; cotton lining; zipper closure 


The Wayra Change Purse is a stylish and unique way of storing your pocket change!

Wayra means "wind" in Quechua. This unique Andean-style change purse in 3 fashionable color combinations was woven on a traditional back-strap loom by indigenous artisans from various Quechua communities in the Cusco region. The weaver created the ancient designs by carefully selecting each thread, row by row.

The materials in this change purse are 100% natural – locally sourced sheep's wool, hand-spun on a drop-spindle, and dyed with natural dyes. This product is finished with cotton lining and a zipper closure.


The fabric for the Wayra change purse was handwoven by the weavers of Munay Urpi in Huaran, in the heart of the Sacred Valley. The change purse was then sewn up by Concepción, a former member of the weaving association who now has her own sewing workshop.