Threads of Peru

Sechura Alpaca Ruana


Handwoven Women's Wrap Alpaca Poncho - Sustainable Alpaca & Wool blend

Size: 120 cm (width) x 130 cm (length)

Fibre: Alpaca & Wool

Colors: Arid & Storm


The innovative wrap-around design of the Angelina Alpaca Ruana is a modern take on an ancient garment: the traditional woven poncho has been keeping the inhabitants of the Andean highlands warm for centuries! 

The shades of soft grey are naturally dyed with Tara, a type of bean, and Lila comes from the famous cochineal, used for dyeing since pre-Inca times. Meanwhile, the black, and cream in this alpaca and wool cape design highlight the diverse, naturally occurring palette of alpaca fiber. The finely woven stripes and hand-sewn fringe finish in the alpaca cape are a credit to the incredible skills of the weaver, which are passed down from generation to generation. 

Comes in 2 varieties: Arid & Storm

Who Made this Alpaca Ruana?

This alpaca ruana was made in the high Andean village of Chaullacocha in the Patacancha valley at altitude of over 4000m (13 123 feet) by an indigenous Quechua weaver who has been working with Threads of Peru since 2009. All the women in these cooperatives recognize that their weaving ability has improved dramatically in these years, and are grateful to those that purchase their weavings.