Threads of Peru

Munay Wedding Table Runner


Perfect Handmade Wedding Gift - 100% Sustainable Alpaca Fiber and Natural Dyes

Size: 40 cm x 210 cm 

Fiber: 100% Alpaca

The Munay Wedding Table Runner can be custom ordered when out of stock! Please allow 4 weeks for production time before shipping.


The Munay Wedding Table Runner is the perfect wedding gift! These finely woven table runners feature traditional iconography symbolizing love and union, bringing the warmth of Andean history and love to any newlywed’s home.

The dusty rose shade is made from naturally dyeing with the cochineal insect, once more valuable than gold, and the soft cream is natural, un-dyed alpaca wool, locally sourced from the rolling mountains of the Cusco region. 

As in many cultures across the globe and throughout the centuries, textiles play an important part in  traditional wedding rituals in the Andes. Not only are special garments prepared, sometimes months in advance, to adorn the bridal party; but textiles are also used as a form of dowry and a testimony to the bride-to-be’s weaving ability. In the Andes, special woven patterns and emblems have been developed to represent the loving union.