Threads of Peru

Kallpa Baby Alpaca Shawl


Handwoven Peruvian Alpaca Scarf – 100% Sustainable Baby Alpaca

Size: 40 cm x 180 cm

Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca


The Kallpa Baby Alpaca Shawl, woven in luxurious soft alpaca fiber, delivers a stunning touch of the Andes to any winter wardrobe!

 the Kallpa Baby Alpaca Wide Shawl features beautiful and intricate pallay (designs) created by hand-selecting each length of yarn, row by row, during the weaving process, exemplifying a rich cultural heritage centuries old. Kallpa is the Quechua word for Strenght which is transmitted on the effort made by the talented weavers who brought it to life.

Who made the Kallpa Baby Alpaca Shawl?

Made by the Puca Turpay weaving association located in the high Andean community of Rumira Sondormayo, located at nearly 4,000 metres (13,123 feet) in the district of Ollantaytambo.