Threads of Peru

Mayu Alpaca Poncho


Mayu Poncho - 100% Sustainable Alpaca Fiber -  Striped Poncho Men's

Size: 120 cm (width) x 160 cm (length)

Fiber: 100% natural alpaca fiber


The Spanish word “poncho” likely came from the Quechua word “punchu” or similar words in other languages spoken nearby. While other cultures to the North may have adopted this look (eg, the more famous Mexican Poncho!), a visit to the hills around Cusco and the Sacred Valley makes it abundantly clear that the poncho is as native to Peru as the alpaca. 

This Mayu Poncho in River and Slate (coming soon) were inspired by the Peruvian Paso horse riding tradition as well as the Gaucho cowboys of Argentina. It suits even the coldest climates, after centuries of refinement in the harsh Andean highlands.

The Mayu Alpaca Poncho is a made-to-order item! Please allow 4-6 weeks for production time before shipping.

Who Made this Mayu Poncho?

This alpaca poncho was made in the high Andean villages of Chaullacocha and Rumira Sondormayo in the Patacancha valley at an altitude of over 4000m (13 123 feet) by an indigenous Quechua weaver who has been working with Threads of Peru since 2009.  All the women in these cooperatives recognize that their weaving ability has improved dramatically in these years, and are grateful to those that purchase their weavings.