Threads of Peru

Carolina Alpaca Ruana Wrap


Handwoven Women's Alpaca Ruana Wrap - 100% Sustainable Alpaca Fiber -Organically Dyed 

 Size: 120 cm (width) x 130 cm (length)

Fiber: 100% Alpaca


The innovative design of the Carolina Alpaca Ruana Wrap is a modern take on an ancient garment: the traditional woven poncho has been keeping the inhabitants of the Andean highlands warm for centuries. Made of tightly woven, soft alpaca fiber, the gorgeous colors of this Alpaca Ruana Wrap exemplify the immense range of hues obtained using natural, locally sourced dyes such as the cochineal insect - once considered more valuable than gold! Could also be worn as a Womens Poncho Cape 

The Carolina Alpaca Ruana Wrap is a made-to-order item! Please allow 4-6 weeks for production time before shipping.

Who made this Alpaca Ruana Wrap?

This statement-making alpaca ruana features stunning, intricately woven designs representative of the community in which it was made, Chaullacocha, located at a breathtaking 4,200 meters (13, 800 feet) in altitude! In fact, one pair of symbols woven into this poncho literally illustrates the community’s name: “fish lake” (chaulla + qocha), showcasing the skill of the weavers and the pride they feel for their home and their heritage.