Threads of Peru

Mapacho Master Weaver Alpaca Bedspread


Handwoven Peruvian Bedspread - 100% Sustainable Alpaca Fiber and Natural Dyes

Size: 180 cm x 210 cm 
Fibre: 100% Alpaca

AVAILABLE AS A MADE-TO-ORDER ONLY. Please allow 8 weeks for production time before shipping.

The Mapacho Master Weaver Alpaca Bedspread was handwoven by the Sonqo family in the high Andean community of Parobamba and is an inspiringly beautiful example of traditional artisanship and mastery from the Mapacho River Valley of Cusco!

The beautiful color combination and intricate designs, carefully woven row by row on a traditional backstrap loom, demonstrate the skill and creativity of local Master Weaver Daniel Sonqo and his family. Over the years, the family has worked to refine the traditional weaving and dyeing techniques that have been passed down generation to generation since before Inca times, creating unique pieces of unsurpassable beauty.

The vibrant colors, hand-dyed using locally-sourced dye materials such as the cochineal insect (reds and purples), ch'illka (greens), and kinsa kunchu (turquoise), are representative of the Parobamba region on the edge of the Cusqueñan tropical rainforest. The pallay (design) features lakes, mountains, flowers, animals and Incan constructions, and showcases a cultural heritage centuries old.

Each Mapacho Master Weaver Alpaca Bedspread is unique, though very similar in design and color combination to those shown here. If desired, please contact our team for specific information and photos about items in stock. When listed as out of stock, this item is also available by custom order.