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Threads of Peru purchases textiles from and conducts projects with mainly two weaving cooperatives: Association Puca Turpay and Association Ticllay Huarmi, which are located in remote villages in the Sacred Valley region of Cusco. Read more about these associations below.

In these villages, the artisan weavers are women, who wear skirts and traditional dress that is woven. The weaving tradition is a great part of their daily lives, and from a young age girls will learn first to spin wool and then to weave. Weaving plays an important part of courtship, marriage and childbirth as well as other ceremonies that mark important changes in people’s lives.

The weavers speak Quechua, the native language of the Inca.

Association Puca Turpay



Puca Turpay is an artisan weaving association that is established in the community of Rumira Sondormayo. Approximately 19 Quechua women make up this weaving cooperative.

Rumira is located across the river from its better known and bigger neighbor, Patacancha. Small brick buildings lay on the valley floor and a gentle stream divides the two villages. Rumira has an approximate altitude of 4000 meters (approx. 13000 feet). Rumira is accessible by road, has electricity in the houses in town, access to both primary and secondary schools and the medical post in Patacancha. With road access and the proximity to Patacancha and Huilloq, the people in Rumira Sondormayo are the most organized of the communities we work with, and have clear goals as to what their needs and desires are. Rumira has approximately 40 families with their main activities in agriculture though sometimes the men work on the Classic Inca Trail as porters.

Puca Turpay Members


Beatriz Laucata Sinchi

Fani Quispe Cjuro

Hermenegilda Quispe Cruz

Juana Quispe Machaca

Juliana Huaman Quispe

Justina Quispe Tacu

Luisa Echame Melo

Maria Mamani Quispe

Maria Melo Quispe

Marina Huaman Aviles

Matiaza Quispe Medina

Mercedes Quispe Medina

Paulita Sicos Huaman

Saturnina Puma Mamani

Simeona Huaman Diaz

Teresa Quispe Pocco

Toribia Echame Huaman

Victoria Laucata Huaman

Virginia Medina Mamani


Association Ticllay Huarmi



Ticllay Huarmi is a weaving association that is established in the community of Chaullacocha. Approximately 25 Quechua women make up this weaving cooperative.

Approximately 2 hours walk from the main road, Chaullacocha is located at a freezing altitude of over 4500 meters (15000 feet). To reach the community one must cross a 4800 meter pass and the first view of the community is a moon-like, windswept valley dotted with a few mud-brick houses. This is a harsh environment where temperatures fall below zero in the afternoons, and little food grows – largely only potatoes, sheep and llamas. This is a subsistence lifestyle, with little attention from the outside. Chaullacocha’s school closed in the 1990′s due to terrorism, only reopening in 2006 and being officially recognized in 2008. There are about 90 people who live in Chaullacocha and 26 children attending kindergarten and primary school.

Ticllay Huarmi Members


Alejandrina Puma Churata

Alejandrina Riveros Hancco

Andrea Condori Pumacahua

Barbara Yupanqi Sinchi

Demesia Sinchi Echami

Dorotea Sullkapuma Puma

Elsa Rios Sullcapuma

Eugenia Huaman Quispe

Francisca Cjuro Yupanqui

Francisca Huaman Rios

Francisca Sullkapuma Puma

Gregoria Puclla Sullkapuma

Isabel Mamani Hancco

Juana Huamanhuillca Cjuro

Juana Puclla Cjuro

Juana Rios Churata

Juliana Huaman Quispe

Leandra Quispe Yupanqui

Lucia Castillo Yupanqi

Maria Huamanhuillca Melo

Martina Sullcapuma Sullca

Martina Puma Ccama

Santusa Cjuro Castillo

Santusa Puma Ccama

Santusa Quispe Puma

Vilma Huaman Castillo


Association Awaq Mayki




The Awaq Mayki (handwoven) weaving association, boasting 18 talented and motivated members, partnered with Threads of Peru beginning in 2013 as an almost self-organized entity with over a decade registered as a formal association. Despite extreme climactic conditions, very basic living conditions and limited economic opportunities, they have become invaluable members of our team thanks to their characteristic commitment to punctuality, quality and clear communication.

Awaq Mayki Office Bearers


President: Inocencia Crispin Gonzalo

Vice President: Eusibia Gonzalo Mayo

Secretary: Ruperta Condori Merma

Treasurer: Herminia Huaman Lurico

Fiscal: Sabina Luna Choqque

Vocal: Regina Chillihuani Luna


Association Munay Urpi



Association Munay Urpi is from Huaran, in the Sacred Valley and boasts 14 very talented weavers.  The area of Huaran actually composed of 5 smaller villages – Cancha Cancha, Ch’uro, Sillacancha, Taqllapata and Arin.

Being in the lush, rich farmland of the Sacred Valley, the Huaran cooperative enjoys a much milder climate than our other weavers. Located at 2840m (9317 feet) we consider Huaran one of our “lower” weaving villages and everyone enjoys the sunny and relatively weather during visits.

Munay Urpi Office Bearers


President: Andres Sallo