Andean Accessory Set- Turquoise

Andean Accessory Set - Turquoise

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These gorgeous yet useful three-piece accessory sets each include a coordinated cosmetics case, a zippered cardholder, and a pen/pencil case. These very special sets are not only hand-woven by Peruvian artisans in the communities of Huilloc and Upis, but are also lovingly hand-dyed with all-natural, hand-mixed plant dyes. These eye-catching, matched accessory sets are sure to attract compliments from your friends and family!

The Turquoise set is hand-dyed using the kinsa kuncho plant to get the lovely blue/green hues and with the nogal plant to get the brown. The design is known as “pallay perca Inca,” and it symbolizes the famous Inca stairways and other Inca constructions.