Tupu Tote - Lake

Tupu Tote - Lake

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Handwoven Peruvian Wool Tote Bag, 100% Natural Fibers and Materials

Size: 43 cm x 36 cm

Fiber: 90% wool/10% alpaca

Handwoven on the traditional backstrap loom by indigenous artisans from the Andean highlands of Peru. The name Tupu is the Quechua word for the traditional metal clasp used to fasten a woman's lliqlla or manta around her shoulders.

This unique, fair trade Peruvian Tupu Tote features vertical stripes in rich colors, all hand-dyed with natural dyes sourced right here in the Andes. These colors are created through an age-old natural dyeing process using locally sourced plants, barks, and minerals. With a locally-sourced leather carrying strap and bottom will have you stepping out in style!

The Tupu Tote is large and roomy, and can fit a small laptop or tablet, as well as all the things you need for a day out. It is fully lined and even includes a convenient interior zipped pocket. A fun and practical addition to any wardrobe! 


This Peruvian Tupu Wool Tote was made by the weavers of Munay Urpi in Huaran, and sewn up by husband-and-wife team Armando and Josefina from Chinchero.