Nilson 100% Hand Woven Baby Alpaca Scarf -Lavender

Nilson Baby Alpaca Scarf Lavender

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Young Weavers Collection: 100% Baby Alpaca Scarf, Handwoven

Size: 20 cm x 180 cm

Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca


This beautifully and naturally dyed alpaca scarf, woven in luxurious 100% baby alpaca, is a one-of-a-kind piece from a teenage artisan!

Nilson Sonqo, son of our featured Master Weaver, Daniel Sonqo, has been attentively learning the renowned skills of his father for many years, proudly contributing to the preservation of the ancient Quechua weaving tradition. And even more inspiring than the luxurious quality and intricate designs of his work is his age – Nilson is only 16 years old!

Working from his home in the high Andean community of Parobamba, Nilson dedicates much of his free time to practicing all steps of the weaving process, from dyeing to spinning to weaving alpaca fiber.

Threads of Peru is committed not only to providing sustainable economic solutions to rural poverty but also contributing to the preservation of traditional weaving in Peru. At such a young age, while also dedicating himself to studying and pursuing a professional career, Nilson is an inspiring example of these goals being realized!