Handspun Wool Yarn in Dark Green

Handspun Wool Yarn in Dark Green

$20.00 USD

Handspun wool yarn. 100% natural, handmade in the Andes of Peru!

Weight: 330g

Fiber: 100% Sheep's Wool, ch'illca dye

This handspun wool yarn is a triple win: for you, for the planet and for Peruvian artisans! The natural materials make it a great eco choice, and our fair trade practices mean that the weaver who spun this yarn was properly compensated and the traditional spinning techniques employed are helping to keep an ancient craft tradition alive.

This hand-spun wool yarn was naturally dyed using leaves from the ch'illca plant to create this wonderful shade of deep green. It was then expertly spun on a drop spindle by an indigenous artisan in a rural high Andean community in Peru.

All of our hand-spun yarn is unique: no two balls of yarn are alike, and once it's gone, it's gone! 

Note: Color may vary slightly from how it appears in the photo.


This wool yarn was hand-spun on a traditional drop-spindle in the high Andean community of Upis by Rejina Chillihuani, one of the weavers from the Awaq Mayki weaving association.