Stuffed Wool Handknit White and Brown Dog Toy

Dan Stuffed Dog Wool Toy

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Handknitted stuffed dog toy – great fair trade gift for kids


This hand-knit, soft, and huggable hand knitted terrier stuffed dog comes in an attractive brown and white and is sure to be a favorite among children, while the natural alpaca-based fiber blend will make it a hit among parents, too. Hand-made in the Peruvian Andes by indigenous women, the Dan Stuffed Dog makes a great eco-friendly and fair-trade gift! Kids are naturally drawn to this fun Stuffed Dog!


Casa de la Mujer Artesana is a Puno-based initiative of Movimiento Manuela Ramos, a Peruvian NGO dedicated to women’s rights advocacy. The objective of their hand-made textile project is to improve the quality of life of their artisans while promoting the value of Peruvian craftsmanship and contributing to women’s empowerment and economic independence.