Wool Cushion Cover- Sienna with Tassels
Wool Cushion Cover- Sienna with Tassels
Wool Cushion Cover with Tassels- Back

Wool Cushion Cover 3 with tassels

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This is a simply stunning, one of a kind cushion cover that comes in a gorgeous orange sienna, and highlights a typical Chincheros pallay. The final touch on this cushion is a pink edge that accents the other colors perfectly. Topping off a beautiful piece of Andean weaving are tassels on each of the corners of the weaving

This cushion cover is made from 100% sheep’s wool on a backstrap loom in the high Andes of Peru.

This cushion is truly one of a kind – and would stand out as a feature in many different decors

Size 42cm x 39cm


The Centre for Tradition Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) is famous worldwide, and its founder, Nilda Callanaupa credited for raising the profile of Andean weaving on the world stage, including a story in the National Geographic magazine.   The CTTC is a nonprofit organization that provides a modest but dependable income for close to 700 weavers in 10 communities.

Note: Excludes cushion insert.