Wool Cushion Cover- Deep Red
Wool Cushion Cover- Deep Red
Wool Cushion Cover- Back

Wool Cushion Cover 2

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This is a very elegant wool cushion cover, featuring a design with thin stripes and a complementary pallay (design) along the edges in a muted mustard yellow. The main color featured in this cushion cover is the deep red of the cochineal insect, which creates the deep red hue. This cushion cover is made from 100% sheep’s wool on a backstrap loom in the high Andes of Peru.

There are two in stock to make a fun bohemian pair, or this can be combined with one of our other cushions to add some cosy color to a sofa or bed!

Size 45cm x 46cm


The Centre for Tradition Textiles of Cusco (CTTC) is famous worldwide, and its founder, Nilda Callanaupa credited for raising the profile of Andean weaving on the world stage, including a story in the National Geographic magazine.   The CTTC is a nonprofit organization that provides a modest but dependable income for close to 700 weavers in 10 communities.

Note: Excludes cushion insert.