Boho Woven Handbag
Boho Woven Handbag
Peruvian Andean design woven textile handbag with zipper

Boho Woven Handbag

$169.00 USD

Size: 33 cm x 34 cm

Fiber: 90% wool, 10% alpaca

A stunning, handwoven boho handbag from Peru for those wanting to make a statement. The dark background accentuates the bold, hand-woven traditional textile design, with all colors produced using natural dyes, from the cochineal insect to a variety of plants and minerals sourced locally. With an eye-catching neat tuck in the centre, convenient handwoven straps, a black lining with zipped pocket, and sturdy zipper closure, this is a stylish yet practical bag for all your carrying needs.  

Make your statement with this Boho Woven Handbag, and show off a unique and versatile accessory that evokes the high Andes, as well as a great eco-fashion piece for the ethical shopper.

Who made this Boho Woven Handbag?

This Boho Woven Handbag was made by indigenous artisans in the high Andean community of Chumbivilcas, supported by the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco.