Black Felt Stuffed Bear Toy - white muzzle
Black Felt Stuffed Bear Toy - white muzzle
Black Felt Stuffed Bear Toys - (mother and cub)

Black Bear Felt Toys

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100% Natural Wool Black Felt Bear  – Fair Trade Eco-friendly Kid’s Felt Toys


The Black Bear Felt Toys are adorable items for home decoration or sweet children's gifts! They are hand-made from 100% un-dyed wool. (See photos for both small (7.5cm) and large felt bear (11cm). These felt toys are made by dry-needle felting, a technique that transforms un-spun wool into sculptured creations, such as animals or birds. Made of pure 100% wool, the felt bear has an outer layer of scales, giving its strands a jagged edge. This allows the fibers to become entangled when a barbed needle is repeatedly inserted into the ball of wool.


These Black Bear Felt Toys are produced by the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society, a Threads of Peru partner NGO that works to ensure the conservation of the Spectacled Bear and also to support indigenous artisan weavers. Each Bear is hand-made by indigenous artisans from communities in the “Rio de la Leche” watershed in northwestern Peru, an area with high unemployment and extreme poverty, where SBC conducts its research and conservation programs.