Alpaca Blend Knit Headband- Blue
Alpaca Blend Knit Headband- White
Alpaca Blend Knit Headband- Blue
Alpaca Blend Knit Headband

Arch Knit Headband

$49.00 USD $49.00 USD

Hand Knit Headband – Alpaca Wool Blend – Hand made in Peru

Materials: 40% Alpaca / 35% Acrylic / 25% Wool

Dimensions: 24 x 11.5cm


The Arch Knit Headband from EmiLime, is a classic headband for the person that likes simple, understated elegance. The chunky even knit and soft alpaca blend lend themselves perfectly to this attractive woman’s classic headband, which can be used for a stylish look, or for simply holding your hair back. Comes in classic snow white or deep blue Iris, both of which combine harmoniously with many looks.


Emilime has been innovating in knitwear since 2009, specializing in hand made accessories that feature the materials of Alpaca and Andean Sheep wool.  By partnering with an expanding network of Peruvian makers, Emilime celebrates the craftsmanship and creativity of each knitter.

During the design process, Emilime explores the intersection of traditional Peruvian textiles and techniques with current inspirations by inciting a dynamic and creative inquiry between makers. Photos courtesy EmiLime.